Other Equipment


EX - IS Explosion Proof Fixtures

Long-range luminaires; Time-tested lamps, gases, vapors and powders; Explosion-proof lamps; Pneumatic fittings.


Pneumatic / Electric Hoists and Winches

Electric Hoists; Hand Trolleys (chain / lever); Pneumatic Hoists; Hoists for classified areas Troles / BeamClamp; Hoists and motors for shows; Winches of lever; Electric winches.


Airless Paint System

It is essential to meet the agreed term with your customers, regardless of the type of service provided. In large projects, because the demand is greater, it is necessary to have equipment that brings agility, such as Airless equipment. Next, check out the importance of the Airless machine for large projects:

With just two Airless machine operators, you can replace 10 painters who would use the conventional roller. So you have more control of your project, save on costs and make it easier to stick to deadlines and safety standards.


Motorola Radio PRO5150 IS

Intrinsically Safe radios are ideas for places where there is danger of explosions such as oil refineries, off-shores, mining companies, energy industries, among others. These devices eliminate any possibility of electric discharges and sparks, being very used in high risk environments. The Motorola PRO5150 IS (Intrinsically Safe) two-way portable radio is the perfect device for anyone looking for security and communication solutions in their work environment.


Suction Hoses 1 to 6 Inches