Class I and II Waste Management

Ambiseven handles total waste management, including segregation, collection, transportation and disposal Solid waste and liquid waste (through partner companies), non-hazardous and hazardous waste generated by Industries, boats, oil rigs, construction, machine shops, assemblers, Car dealers, transportation companies, gas stations, hospitals, among others.

We control all the documentary process, the transport manifest of the waste, weighing ticket, Certificates of final destination and collection, as well as photographic reports of the service stages.

Services performed:

• Water based drilling fluid
• Oil base drilling fluid
• Bulk
• Contaminated Diesel Oil
• Contaminated Lubricating Oil
• Oily Water

• Ballast Water
• Water Effluents
• Cadit (brine)
• Contaminated Sludge
• Drilling Gravel
• Chemicals in general