- Reforming the hydraulic kitchen and bathroom network
- Reform in the network of hot and cold water
- Water column change of buildings and industry
- Exchange of barrels of buildings and industry
- Change of sewage column
- Reforming of sewage, grease, rain and passing boxes
- Inspection of the possibility of sewage infiltration into drinking water. Analyzing the proximity of the sewage to the cistern, and if there is infiltration
- Home remodeling of pumps, including industrial
- Electrical and automatic control of water pumps and Hydraulic Inspection
- Repair of plumbing in general
- Installation of solar and electric heater, Boiler
- Reform of boiler. Industrial area in general
- Sanitary ware
- Maintenance in Valvesv - Unpacking
- Maintenance in water boxes
- Installation of hot and cold water
- Vacuum hydraulics maintenance - Oil platforms and ships ships