Ambiseven, through its highly qualified team, provides the Hydroblasting for removing and unclogging ducts and pipes, Removal of debris and sediment on surfaces, cleaning of Vessels, among others, with absolute effectiveness and safety.

Specialists in rust, paint and paint removal through the process of Ultra-High Pressure hydrojetting, has equipment with Up to 40,000 psi.

We use Grinding equipment Graco, based on abrasive COBAU, 100% ecological (product derived from magmatic rock, discarded Free in nature), which meets the roughness standards between the 60μ ranges To 110μ cleaning SA 2 to SA 3, perfect blasting operation.

For surface preparation for painting we meet the standards International finishing:
WJ1 (White Metal); WJ2 (Near White Metal); WJ3 (Commercial Jet); WJ4 (Cleaning).