Ambiseven is a company specialized in waterproofing and constructive solutions, always improving to solve all the constructive problems of our potential clients, pointing out the best and most viable technical solutions, healing present problems and preventing future incidents, our differential is to bring tranquility and Satisfaction through better care and addressing environmental issues as an appropriate policy on waste disposal and compliance with normative labor safety issues.

Blanket placement is a service that demands specialization of the workforce. The importance of choosing a suitable waterproofing company and performing the service well done to avoid the need for correction works.

A trained team is required so that the service is error-free, otherwise it can be extremely difficult to make repairs and are usually expensive to correct. The cost of the waterproofing service in relation to the total cost of a work is between 2% and 2.5%, if the service is not executed, the subsequent waterproofing rises to 13% to 14% of the total cost of this work, on the previous basis.


Waterproofing in general in wet areas, slabs, skirting boards, pools and reservoirs, External and enclosed walls, Elevators wells, cisterns, Concrete reservoirs, Vertical and horizontal water boxes, Gardens and gardens, Playgrounds's, Deck's, etc ....

Types of Waterproofing:

- Chemical additives
- Polymeric Cements
- Sealants
- Asphaltic Membranes
- Acrylic Membranes
- Structural Recovery
- Epoxy Adhesives
- Grautes
- Tamponamento


- 5 years of service guarantee
- Work with Insurance (RC- Civil and Environmental Liability)
- Issue of ART - (Note of technical responsibility with CREA)
- Technical report
- Work Monitoring - Engineers and technicians (Civil and Security)
- Insurance of vehicles used
- Life Insurance of Employees involved
- Latest generation equipment in quality and safety