Industrial Cleaning

We use individual and collective protective equipment, tools and equipment, properly certified for confined space services, which include gas measuring devices, exhaust fans / blowers, explosion-proof luminaires, air compressors, autonomous air assemblies, distribution cabinets Power tools with 24 volt transformers, anti-sparks tools, rescue tripods, stretcher, first aid kit, pressure gauge and other equipment necessary for the good progress of the activities.

We have pneumatic suction pumps, water pumps, hydro-jets, vacuum-type vehicles, dry-type and munque type vehicles to collect, transport and dispose of waste after cleaning.
Upon completion of the service we issue photographic reports, certificates of cleaning and decontamination and documents regarding the management and disposal of waste.

We provide services in the areas:
• Petrochemicals
• Oil
• Steelworks
• Foodstuffs
• Beverage Factory
• Mining industry
• Shipbuilding industry
• Refrigerators
• Refineries
• Power plants
• Cement factories
• Cellulose
• Dairy products
• Electricity companies
• Builders
• Dams
• Hydroelectric plants
• Playgrounds
• Car manufacturers
• Municipal, state and federal agencies.

We perform services of:
• Technical cleaning
• Manual and mechanized industrial cleaning
• Manual and mechanized sweeping on highways, public roads and municipalities
• Cleaning of tanks
• Silos
• Basement
• Square of machinery and piping in ships and industrial plants
• Cleaning of Hydrocarbon Tanks
• Cleaning of Chemical Tanks
• Cleaning of Drilling Fluid Tanks
• Silos Cleaning
• Sewage Treatment Unit Cleaning
• Cleaning Boilers
• Cleaning of Cargo Holders
• Heat Exchanger Cleaning