Air Conditioning Systems

Ambiseven performs cleaning of air conditioning ducts and their equipment, meeting all regulatory standards and NRB 14679: 2012 and 15848: 2010 of ABNT.

• Cleaning and decontamination of diffusers
• Cleaning and decontamination of the engine room
• Cleaning and sanitizing of exhaust systems (hoods)
• Robotic inspection and photographic report of the service
• Air collection for laboratory analysis
• Maintenance, operation and control plan -PMOC (Health Ministry Portfolio 3523/1998)

Ambiseven uses the best technologies:

• Vacuum cleaners with Ulpa filtration
• They are powerful vacuum cleaners that contain 5 levels of filtration and lastly ULPA filter (600 times) more powerful than HEPA filtration.
• Robot
• Used for visual inspection, cleaning and sanitization of the air-conditioning system. It has a color camera capable of rotating 360º movement and lifting movement. Powerful lighting system, adjustable, allows the visual inspection and documentation of the air conditioning system being recorded on VHS tapes, CDs;
• Brushing Equipment
• Brushing equipment with remote monitoring
• Protection for equipment
• As a priority, our concern is not to interfere with the routine work of our clients, causing the least possible impact.
• However we try to perform our services outside of business hours, preferably at night or on weekends.
• We protect all furniture, objects and equipment with plastic tarpaulins.
• After cleaning the ducts, we clean the environment so that the next day the user can follow their normal activities.
• After execution and approval our technical department provides all reports, technical reports and filming.

Places of work:

Shopping Centers, Industries, Banking Agencies, Business Centers, Hotel Networks, Oil Platforms and Ships, Hospitals and Clinics, Airports, etc.